Calculating Population Growth?


Population Growth is the change in the number of people living in a given area over a specific period of time. It is calculated by using the formula, P=(B-D)+(I-E) where P is Population, B is Births, D is Deaths, I is Immigrants and E is Emigrants.
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1. Subtract the country's population at the start of the year from the country's population at the end of the year to find the raw growth. For example, if the population of the country
death rate is subtracted from birth rate.
Birth rate (b) death rate (d) = rate of natural increase (r). Thank
t = years after 2003. 2 = 1• (1 + 0.0101)t. 2 = (1.0101)t. log 2 = t log 1.0101. t = log 2 ÷ log 1.0101. t ≈ 68.98 so in 2003 + 68 = 2071. p = pop. in 2003 and assuming
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