Calculation for Magnetic Flux?


You can calculate magnetic flux following these steps include: Measure the length and width of the surface that you wish to calculate the magnetic flux over. Multiply these two values to determine the area. Hold your magnet at the desired distance from the surface, and hold the magnetometer as close to your surface as possible. Take the magnetometer's reading of the strength of the magnetic field at this location. Multiply this reading by the area you wish to calculate the flux over. This is the magnetic flux of your surface.
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1. If the magnetic field is not uniform across a surface (its magnitude and direction change depending on where it crosses the surface) take the dot product of the magnetic field
I assume you mean flux density, In which case the formula is flux per m. 2. or (Wb)/m. 2. This unit is known as the. Tesla. (T) Therefore: (T)Wb)/(m. 2. hope this helps. sinewave.
how to calculate magnetic flux: Step 1Write down the formula for deriving energy density "D," which is
The flux, Φ, through the area, A, due to field B is given by: Φ = BA. Φ = (100x10⁻⁶ T) x (0.02 m²) = 2x10⁻⁶ Tm². The more usual unit
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How to Calculate Magnetic Flux
Magnetic flux is an incredibly important number in the evaluation of electromagnetic systems. A measure of the amount of magnetic force exerted on a particular area, it yields a significant amount of insight into the affect a particular magnetic field... More »
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