Where are some California dump sites located?


Dump sites and stations are where RV owners go to dump the black or gray water containers inside of their RVs or motor homes. This allows a person to safely remove and dispose of this type of waste without harming others or the environment. There are several sites located throughout the state of California. This includes Anderson RV located in Anderson, CA, Contra Costa County Fair in Antioch, and Solano RV Storage located in Concord.
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1. Use your favorite search engine to find the city of Yucaipa, Calif. 2. Look on the city's Web page for the contact information. Write down the general information phone number:
There is an RV dump station at Mount Olive Self Storage,
The largest dump site for garbage in the Philippines is what is known as the Smokey Mountain in Manila.
How would we know here in Hawaii? You might want to post your question in the California section of this site for a better response. Thanks for the points and good luck finding your
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