How to File a Motion to Change a Family Law Court's Order?


In California to change the venue of a family law case you must file a motion with the court. You have to have a good reason to change the venue. You need to fill out a packet that is available for download online.
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1. Download the forms from your family law court website or visit the family court clerk office to get the appropriate form packet. Bring a copy of your court order that has the name
These matters may even be further delineated in the county in which you reside. I believe the best way to go about asking for a change would be to contact your county's family court
You go to a law library, find the form books, find a sample of a motion to change venue in the court in which you are appearing and you tailor it to your circumstances. Or, you wise
Accord with Mr. Williams' response. You can go to the Superior Court's Self-Help Clinic (in San Diego or Riverside) to seek assistance in your document preparation from a volunteer
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