How to replace a callaway ferrule and shaft?


1. Place the protective gloves on both your hands and do not remove them until the process is complete. 2. Use your heating gun to dispense heat evenly around the small metal joint linking the shaft to the club head - this is the hosel. Do not panic
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The golf club shaft has traditionally been made with five different flexes to suit players' swing speeds. Recently, Nike and Callaway have introduced clubs with the so-called "
So why don't you cut your loses and go back to your old club??? A new shaft can cost as much as you want to pay. Some of the more exotic shafts cost $500. Something cheap would be
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1. Put on protective gloves and leave them on for this entire procedure. 2. Heat the club head cavity, housing the tip of the shaft, with a heating gun. Dispense ...
The Memphis 10 unit shaft is a proprietary shaft designed by Callaway with True Temper sports. It was the most used shaft by Callaway back then and the company ...
Some of the best golf wedges include: the Cobra Trusty Rusty, Titleist Vokey Design SM4 Chrome, Mizuno MP R-12, Callaway X-Series Jaws CC Steel Shaft, Ping Eye2 ...
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