How many calories does running on an elliptical burn?


There have been numerous debates over which form of running burns the most calories between normal and elliptical running. Normal running burns more calories than the elliptical machine but it all depends on the intensity, length of exercise and body fitness.
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Depending on your speed, Elliptical manufacturers have
Running does. this is because you are using all large muscle groups to keep you balanced and in motion. the elliptical does burn calories but does not contract your core as well because
Not Medical Advice: You can burn an estimate of 200-350 calories from running in elliptical. You can burn 400-450 calories in 45 min if you go around 4mph.
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Calories Burned During Elliptical Vs. Running
Two common forms of exercise are the elliptical machine and running (outdoors or on a treadmill). Physicians often emphasize the benefits of using elliptical machines due to the low physical impact. But exercisers seeking the highest calorie burn tend to... More »
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