How many calories are in Jim Beam?


According to Spark People, there are 67.1 calories in a single, 1-ounce serving of Jim Beam bourbon. Adding in carbonated beverages, flavoring agents and other mixers increases the number of calories in a Jim Beam beverage.

The Jim Beam website lists the main ingredients of its bourbon as distilled grain and water. Calories in the drink come from rye, barley and malt. Legally, bourbon must also consist of 51 percent corn in order to be labeled as a bourbon. Additives that could possibly alter the calorie count are prohibited from being included in any legitimate bourbon recipe.

According to the Jim Beam website, bourbon is considered to be America's Native Spirit.

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Approx 65 in 1oz.
There are 69 calories in 1 oz of Jim Beam 80 Proof Bourbon. Have
Things You'll Need. Jim Beam bottles. Soapy warm water. Rubbing alcohol. Soft cloth. Glass paint. Paintbrushes. Large white label stickers. Utility knife. Rubber gloves. Etching cream
There are 1,556 calories in a bottle (7.7 fl oz) of Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey. A shot (1.5 fl oz) has 100 calories.
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