Calories in Pistachios?


The calories in pistachios may vary somewhat depending on their roasting method. For dry roasted pistachios, you will get about 161 calories. A serving size is one ounce. Of those calories, about 117 of them come from fat. Pistachios have 13g of fat, including 1.6g of saturated fats. They also contain 7.6g of carbohydrates, 6g of protein, and 115mg of sodium. In traditional pistachios, unroasted, a serving size of one cup will contain 713 calories. Of those, 512 come from fat.
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Pistachio Nuts, Dry Roasted - With Salt Added
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about 4 calories.
One pistachio nut contains 4 calories & 0.1g of protein. 1 cup of pistachio
There are 4 calories in one pistachio nut; 3 of those calories are from fat. Don't eat too many!
about 560. They are NUTS!
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A serving of one ounce of pistachio nuts has 170 calories. One ounce equals about 49 nuts. Pistachios are extremely healthy. ...
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