How do you determine calories burned per mile?


According to Runners World, the basic formula for determining total calories burned per mile while running is the runner's weight in pounds multiplied by 75 percent. The formula for determining total calories burned per mile while walking is the runner's weight in pounds multiplied by 50 percent.

Walking and running are both excellent cardiovascular exercises that burn calories and help individuals lose weight. However, running a mile and walking a mile do not lead to equal caloric expenditures. Runners World debunks this commonly held myth with the use of physics. When people walk, their centers of gravity remain upright, and their legs remain straight. Running, on the other hand, forces people to shift weight from foot to foot, and puts the center of gravity in a constant state of flux. This requires a tremendous amount of energy, and thus more calories are burned.

While the basic formulas for determining calories burned are helpful, there are a number of online resources that can give runners and walkers individualized results. Runners World has a calorie calculator that allows a user to input the distance of the run, the time of the run, and the runner's weight. There are also a number of activity-tracking devices available for purchase. Many of these activity-trackers, like the ones reviewed by PC Magazine, are placed on the wrist and give the runner real-time calculations of calorie expenditures.

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