What is the calorific value of diesel?


Petro-diesel fuel has a calorific value of 130,500 Btu per gallon according to Bioenergy Feedstock Development Programs at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Bio-diesel calorific values vary greatly depending on the source used to produce the fuel and has an average value of 125,000 Btu per gallon.

Diesel fuel from petroleum sources has a constant calorific value, making it easier to compare against other liquid and solid fuels. However, the density of the fuel also affects how much energy potential 1 gallon can hold. Diesel is slightly more dense than gasoline, making it one of the densest liquid fuels available to consumers.

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Answer The calorific value, or heating value, of diesel fuel is approximately 45 MJ/kg.
1. Determine the energy density of diesel fuel. According to University of Washington, it is approximately 36.4 MegaJoules per liter (MJ/L) A MegaJoule is 1 million Joules. 2. Convert
A complex mixture of hydrocarbons with carbon numbers in the range C9 and higher, having the boiling range of 170 Deg C to 390 Deg C. Reid Vapor Pressure: <0.5 KPA@ 37.8Deg C.
n. The calories or thermal units contained in one unit of a substance and released when the substance is burned.
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