Calypso Allows Odysseus to Leave Her Island Because?


Calypso allows Odysseus to leave her island since Hermes tells her that the order came from Zeus. Calypso and does this to lessen his suffering.
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because the goddess Athena calls a council of the gods at Olympus and convinces Zeus to let Odysseus return. The gods then send Hermes as messenger to bring the news of Zeus's will
Hermes tells Calypso to let Odysseus leave her island because,
Odysseus wanted to leave Calypso
Calypso allows Odysseus to leave her island after Athene asks Zeus to tell Calyspo that if she doesnt allow Odysseus to leave her island that if she doesnt that Zeus will strike her
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Odysseus was said to want to leave Calypso and her island simply because he wanted to return home. The Odyssey is a Greek poem that is centered around the character ...
Odysseus had stayed on Calypso's (daughter of Atlas) Island, who had helped him when he came to her island with unresolved grief and trauma. Odysseus stayed with ...
Odysseus stayed with Circe for one full year. However, Odysseus thought it was only a couple days. He stayed on Calypso's Island for a total of seven full years. ...
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