How to Make Camouflaged Cakes?


A camouflage cake can be a fun cake for a boy's party. One can make camouflaged cakes by mixing a batch of chocolate and white cake mix. One should then divide each batch into two batches. One should then add some green coloring into one of the white batter mixes and add some chocolate to the other white mix. Finally, one should mix all the mixtures together to form the camouflaged look to the cake.
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1. Split the cake batter equally into three or four separate bowls. Squeeze two or three drops of one color of food coloring into each bowl and stir the batter. You need brown, tan
Try Cammie Cakes for a custom birthday cake. The
As unappetizing as it sounds to an adult, you could probably ice the cake in white, then use a small spatula to smear in black, beige, and olive green daubs, just like cammo. Keep
Make an army camouflage cake for any special occasion such as birthdays, military achievements and even anniversaries. Instead of using icing as the main part of the cake, you can
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