What are Get Mee campanulas?


Get Mee Campanulas are hardy perennial flower plants. To get the most flowers, place it in a spot where there is bright, filtered sunlight. Plant it is soil that easily drains. Fertilize it in mid-spring. Snip off dying blooms to help it produce more flowers.
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1. Choose the right site. The Get Mee campanula can be grown in full sun or partial shade. The best area for it, however, is a site where the plant can receive the morning sun and
General thing with plants is to feel the soil before you water each day. If it feels just moist give it a little to keep it feeling like that during the day. Plants don't like drying
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How to Care for Get Mee Campanula
There are over 300 species of campanulas, commonly known as bellflowers. The name of the Get Mee variety can confuse some gardeners when they are searching for information on this particular variety. "Get Mee" is the American name given to the same... More »
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