What is a camping merit badge?


The Camping merit badge is attributed for scouts that can fulfill a series of requirements. These are knowing first aid, walk with no trace, know how to make plans in writing and other duties. This is one of 57 merit badges that are given to scouts.
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You can find the answers to the Camping merit badge by using these resources: Scouting Literature. Boy Scout Handbook; Passport to High Adventure; Fieldbook; Conservation Handbook
10 requirements for camping merit badge. Includes knowing
1. Determine an activity or task that is required to earn the merit badge. 2. Locate an embroidering company in your area. Many stitching shops are found in local shopping malls.
1 Know the merit badge you want to obtain. It is best to include your hobbies, as they will be easier to complete then merit badges you aren't very familiar with. Ad 2 Get a merit
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Camping Merit Badge Requirements
Merit badges are an integral aspect of the Boy Scouts of America. There is no time limit to complete the badges as long as they are done before age 18. Merit badges are a way to learn new skills and move up the ranks of Boy Scouts.... More »
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