Can a 12 year old get a job?


A twelve year old can get a job in the United Kingdom, though not in formal employment. Some of the jobs that they can do include taking care of pets, dog walking as well as manual work in their parent's businesses.
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You can work at a theater. You usually will get paid 30 dollars a week. You also can pick your nose for 50 cents an hour in this place called "Your Nasal Cavity. Make sure you
A 12 year old can make money by cutting lawns for people in the neighborhood. They can do chores around the house for money. They can even rake leaves for the neighbors.
Maintaining a beautiful yard takes a lot of work; work that many homeowners do not have the desire or time to do themselves. Pre-teens can make a little money by offering to pick
you cant do much but you can wasch cars do yard work clean porches --IF YOU HAVE OLDER SIBLINGS DO THEIR WORK FOR THEMlike clean their room make them food wash their dishes evenbe
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