Can a 14 Year Old Work in McDonalds?


A 14 year old can work a McDonald's in the UK, however this depends on the type of job done, working hours and responsibilities. Under the Children and Young Persons Act, children aged 13 to 16 years old can only work 12 hours a week.
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A young worker should first find a job. Before he can start work, however, he will need to obtain a work permit. Public schools and most private schools have work permit forms. The
The Federal laws regarding youth from ages 14-15 working are limited
in my opinion, 14 year olds should NOT work at all they should just have fun being kids -SHUTUP --> uhm, i think 14 year olds have the right to work if they want to.. you never
Study and work hard yourself. If you set a solid example for him, then he will most likely follow in your footsteps to become great. You can also encourage him by saying that hard
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