Can a 2 Month Old Baby Drink Apple Juice?


Apple juice is not good for a 2 month old kid. In fact, a kid younger than 6 month should have nothing other than breast milk. They should be breastfed 7 to 9 times a day because they are gaining more control of their bodies.
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Not Medical advice: Babies can be introduced to mild juices such as apple, grape, pear, and prune juice at around 7 months. Consult pediatrician to make sure.
Babies under 6 months should not have juice at all. If a baby is given juice
6 months. I would start with watered white grape first though. Apple even watered down tends to be hard on the digestion.
The companies that make "baby juice" and label it 4+ months are commercial companies in this for profit. They are not health professionals. They are not interested in what
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That is definetly a question for your pediatrician if your baby is under six months of age. In most cases babies do best until six months on a diet of breast ...
Babies can start drinking juice at about six months old. But you can start when you want to. It is very important to keep their system clean. So start them when ...
The age that you will want to start giving your baby juice can vary. Usually you will want to wait until the baby is at least 4 months old before introducing it ...
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