Can a 2-month-old baby drink apple juice?


KidsHealth recommends that babies younger than six months of age not be given any kind of juice, including apple juice. Even at that age, many pediatricians recommend a very limited intake of juice for babies.

Juices, like apple juice, offer babies empty calories without the balanced nutrition that breast milk and formula provide. In addition, drinking too much juice can cause babies excess weight gain, tooth decay and diarrhea. According to Gerber, when introducing juice to babies that have reached six months of age, a parent must offer it only in a cup, not a bottle. Also, it is important to choose juice wisely. Only 100 percent juice should be chosen so as to avoid added sweeteners or artificial flavors that juice "beverages" and juice "cocktails" may contain.

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A baby should be at least six months old before introducing
6 months. I would start with watered white grape first though. Apple even watered down tends to be hard on the digestion.
You can give her water as much as you like, as long as you like to change wet diapers. Juice on the other hand I would only give a little bit to her, and I would water it down. Juice
Answer 1. try and get her to drink lots of cooled boiled water. Answer 2. tiny bit of watered down prune juice might help. Answer 3. Juice might help but probably not. Karo syrup
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