Can a 21 Year Old Male Date a 17 Year Old Female Legally Texas?


A 21 year old male cannot date a 17 year old female in Texas or in other states in the US because the girl is still underage and you could be charged for doing so.
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There are no laws against dating so as long as the minors parents are OK with it there should be no problem. If you talk about having sex though, then the age of consent in Nevada
This depends on the personality of these people in Nevada. I would say that the possible consequences are. →love. →going out to somewhere nice. →casual love. →
A couple of other points. (1) Don't agree to meet this "girl" unless you are 1,000% sure that she really is at least 16 years old and a real person. Otherwise, you may end
Because you sent photos across state lines, the feds could TRY to charge you. You might be charged with indecent exposure. When she was 17, if she did not have permission of her parents
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It is not really illegal to date a 17 year old if you are 21 years old. Many teenagers end up dating people older than them. However, be very aware of your rights ...
No, seventeen years old is considered a minor under the law. When you are above twenty one and you are dating a minor, it is advisable that you wait for her to ...
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