Can a 50 Year Old Woman Become Pregnant Naturally?


Yes, a 50 year old woman may become naturally pregnant, although the odds are slim. At 50, a woman has most likely gone through menopause, or is still enduring menopause. Unless a woman's period has stopped for a complete 12 months, it is still possible for her to conceive, but after 40, the chance of conception is greatly reduced.
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It is possible for a 50 year old to be pregnant but it would typically require medical intervention. The recent advances in assisted reproductive technology, such ...
It's quite possible to be pregnant at 50 years old. If you are a woman and you are still having periods you will be able to conceive. One of the biggest myths ...
There are possibilities of a 50 year old woman to get pregnant because she could still be perimenopausal at this age. This will however depend on the conditions ...
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