Can a Anaconda Eat a Human?


An anaconda can eat a human though the human would have to be small bodied such as a child as adult humans have very broad shoulders that cannot fit in the anaconda's mouth. Anacondas will usually break the bones of prey before unhinging their jaws and swallowing it.
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Caimans may look fierce, but they are a common meal for the anaconda. Anacondas eat caimans, which are similar to alligators. They also feast on wild pigs, deer, birds, turtles, other
Anacondas have a sort of weird diet. A full grown can constrict, kill, and eat a full size crocodile. As well as that, Anacondas will eat anything made of meat. They are, in all sences
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You can "eat" it in the sense of passing it through your digestive tract, but it's going to come out largely unchanged on the other end. It's incredibly dangerous, since
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Anacondas have few predators in their habitat, save for man. Due to their immense size, they are often attacked and killed by humans, for fear they may be man ...
Anaconda's eat small mammals, birds, capybara, tapir, alligator are some of the things an anaconda may eat. they restrict their prey then eat them. ...
Anacondas are large boa snakes that are commonly found in the Amazon. Anacondas kill their prey squeezing it tightly until it can no longer breath. It then eats ...
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