Can a Bad Starter Drain the Battery?


Yes, a bad starter can drain the battery. The battery, starter, and alternator are all interlinked. A problem with one can cause a problem with the other two.
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Corrosion affects the ability of the battery to accept a charge and can, depending on where it is found, create a drain on the battery. Keep battery posts and terminals clean and
I think (I don't know for sure) that it may have something to do with the way remote car starters are designed -in particular, the units' signal receiving device (what ever the discreetly
I've noticed a pretty huge battery drain since I've installed Highlight. Typically I can go for about 2.5 days between charges, but with Highlight, I'm down to about 5% by the end
First perform the following Alternator and battery test, If by some remote possibility both the battery and the alternator pass these tests - in the car! Then you will need to perform
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