Can a Benign Tumor Become Malignant?


Rarely do benign tumours become malignant. They are caused by many factors, including environmental poisons, genetic influences, emotional stress, diet, local trauma or else injury, and inflammation. This happens either singly or in combination.
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Rachel, "benign" tumors do NOT become malignant even though they can grow considerably in size. Most normal body cells can replace themselves as the older cells divide to
Benign: a tumor that does not invade and destroy adjacent normal tissue.
1. Observe the tumor carefully to see if it has changed in color, size or shape. Use a ruler to keep track of the tumor's size. Schedule an appointment to see a specialist immediately
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When one compares a benign tumor to a malignant tumor, the biggest difference that will be found is that a benign tumor is not cancerous, whereas a malignant tumor ...
Benign tumors are tumors that cannot spread by invasion or metastasis; hence, they only grow locally. Malignant tumors are tumors that are capable of spreading ...
Benign and malignant tumors are similar because they are both masses. There are more differences since the a benign tumor cells do not look the same. A malignant ...
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