Can a Blown Subwoofer Be Repaired?


A blown sub-woofer can be repaired, but it is not worth it, especially if the sub-woofer is inexpensive. A sub-woofer produces bass by reverberation of sound in its chamber. If a sub-woofer is blown, then the sound will leak through the cracks, and you will not get the sound which you previously got from the subwoofer. It is best to purchase a new one.
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1. Remove the speaker grill with a Phillips screwdriver and then extract the speaker. Heat up the soldering iron and use the de-soldering squeeze ball to remove solder from the old
If the voice coil is blown it is cheaper and the only thing to do is too replace the sub. And if it was a new sub see if under warranty and see if they replace the sub. If you had
The subwoofer will sound like crap.
The only way is too used some silicone glue, like what you use on bath room tiles (the clear stuff not the white concrete looking stuff) and apply to the damaged area, also you might
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How Can You Repair a Blown Subwoofer?
The subwoofer is a part of the speaker that provides the heavy bass sound on a stereo. Blown subwoofers occur when the speaker cone gets ripped or torn. If the subwoofer blows it will sound fuzzy and distorted. One option is to completely change out the... More »
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