Can a Car Run without a Thermostat?


A car can run without a thermostat. A thermostat in your vehicle is to maintain a temperature of about 90 degrees. Without a thermostat you engine may never heat up, so you wont have any heat from the heater core. It might affect your mpg and the performance might suffer, but your engine will be fine.
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Running a car with no thermostat will decrease gas mileage and pollute because the engine is not being maintained at optimum temperature. On the cars made in the last 20 years that
A car thermostat is installed on a car engine and regulates the engine temperature by opening to allow coolant from the radiator to flow through the engine, cooling it down, then
Sometimes your vehicle will overheat without a thermostat. Sometimes your vehicle will run in open mode instead of loop mode, and that will waste fuel and dirty up your catalytic
You shouldn't go more than 5,000 miles without changing the oil. How long the car
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Yes, you can take the thermostat out of a 1997 Dodge Neon and still drive but it will run a little hotter. I don't suggest that you run a car without a thermostat ...
In most automobile you will find it stored in the thermostat housing on the car engine. It can be a reason for your car running hot as well as other system problems ...
Your vehicle is the most necessary possession in the household. Keeping your car running cool is as important as keeping it well-tuned. Thermostats are sensitive ...
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