Can a Cassette Player Be Connected to a Computer?


You can connect a cassette player to a computer through the audio input port which is usually a 1/8' mini-jack at the rear panel, labelled Aux or Line-In. This connection is used to record cassette tapes to computers.
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1. The input jack typically has a microphone graphic next to the port. Plug one end of the audio cable into the computer audio input jack. 2. The audio jack on the cassette player
To connect your Mp3 player to your computer all you need is the USB cable that your Mp3 player came with. You plug the cable into your USB port on your computer and plug the other
Get a double sided A/V cable and connect it to the DVD player's A/V outlet and the other side to the tv's A/V outlet. Then you must get a male double sided coxal caple and connect
Hi Jim- Preferrably, connect the line/aux out of your tape player... otherwise you may use the headphone out but to be careful not to turn it up too loud. Plug in to the sound card
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1. Place the cassette in the cassette player, and use the audio cable to connect the cassette player's headphone jack to the line input on the computer's sound ...
You will need a computer to transfer a cassette to a cd. To hook your casette player to your computer, you will need a stereo lead with RCA plugs to connect it ...
To transfer your cassette into CD, upload your computer with a Spin It Again program that records cassettes to CD, and then connect your cassette tape player to ...
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