Can a Child Choose to Live with Grandparents?


Generally when a child reaches age 12 he is considered old enough to tell a judge who he wants to live with in custody cases. However, the judge is under no obligation to follow the child's wish. Unless the parents are deemed unfit the judge will often not award custody to a grandparent.
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No, a child cannot choose to live with their grandparents. A court is usually what determines which parent the child should live with, not the grandparent as long as the parents are still alive.
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It's either 12 or 13 - I think it's 13 if I was forced to pick one of those two options ( purely because 13 would then be unlucky for the parent who lost said child )
can't make that decision for yourself till you are 18
The age you
The age at which the child can make this decision in Washington State is 18. The grandparents should seek the help of an attorney. There is no information given here about the mother
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