Can a Child Refuse Visitation with a Parent?


A child can refuse visitation with a parent. This is very common in custody arrangements and often occurs if the child does not feel comfortable in the presence of the other parent. The court can modify a custody order in such a situation.
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You need to file a motion for contempt of the court order. If the custodial parent continues to violate the court ordered visitations they may lose custody. You need to stay on top
Parents with custody of a child placed in foster care have visitation rights. A non-custodial parent deemed a threat to the child can be denied visitation rights by the court. The
If they do not want to go to the visitation, then I would take this to court. File a Motion to Modify where you can request that the visitation be changed. When you do this, be prepared
If you believe a child is being abused then you should contact Child Protective Services and make your concerns known.
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