Can a colossal squid eat a whale?


Colossal squids or giant squids can tangle whales to death but they do not eat them. In 1965, a Soviet whaler observed a battle between a 40 ton sperm whale and a squid. In this situation neither was victorious and the strangled sperm whale was found floating in the sea with the squid's tentacles enfolded around its throat. The squid's detached head was then found in the stomach of the whale.
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Their chief predators are sperm whales.
The stomach of a dissected colossal squid yielded toothfish remains. Scientists believe
Colossal squid, also called Antarctic cranch squid, live near Antarctic at depths of a mile or even two miles. Scientists do not know what it eats. Juveniles are prey for elephant
To give you perspective, the esophagus of a blue whale is about 4 inches in diameter. If it fits, the Blue Whale eats it.
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