Can a convicted felon join the military?


A person with a criminal record can be disqualified from the military because each branch of the military has high moral character standards. A person is not guaranteed a spot in the military simply because they apply; the military can be picky when choosing candidates.

Some crimes may be overlooked by the military in order for a person to be accepted, including civil offenses, misdemeanors, minor non-traffic accidents, a combination of minor and misdemeanor charges and some felonies. The number of offenses a person has is also taken into consideration. If a person has several DUI’s or if the individual is on parole, probation or another type of restraint, they will probably be ineligible.

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Army depending on how badly they need personnel.
The only jobs that a conviced felon can get are those jobs that deal with food service. I say this because the food service industry gets a stypend for hiring convicted felons, at
convicted felons *can* change. Maybe there out to be a clause that after so many years (5 or 10 whatever) of "clean" living that they should be able to join.
A felony conviction can strip an individual of certain civil rights. Included in this bracket of lost rights is the right to bear arms. Both federal and state laws consider a felon
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