Can a Convicted Felon Join the Military?


At one time, a convicted felon was not allowed to serve in the military. In the last several years, and since the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, waivers have been given to some felons and they are able to join the military.
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Army depending on how badly they need personnel.
convicted felons *can* change. Maybe there out to be a clause that after so many years (5 or 10 whatever) of "clean" living that they should be able to join.
Most employers can't legally deny an applicant a job because he's
Hi Carl, "Technically, a single felony can be waived. Under Federal law, more than one felony cannot. However, realistically, waiver of a felony conviction is rare (in any of
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Yes, you can join the some branches of the military if you have a felony conviction as long as waiver is filled out. The Army will accept some people with juvenile felony convictions. The Navy generally never accepts people with a felony on their record.
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