Can a Convicted Felon Own a Crossbow?


A convicted felon can own a crossbow depending on what state they live in. Colorado does not allow a felon to own a crossbow. They will allow you to hunt if your probation officer is ok with it.
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The only jobs that a conviced felon can get are those jobs that deal with food service. I say this because the food service industry gets a stypend for hiring convicted felons, at
never. actually, there are some circumstances where a felon can have his rights restored.
A felony conviction can strip an individual of certain civil rights. Included in this bracket of lost rights is the right to bear arms. Both federal and state laws consider a felon
If you don't think this should be the case in your state, you are free to lobby your state legislature and try to persuade them to change the law. Personally, I think it's a good
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