Can a Crocodile and Alligator Be Breed?


Although alligators and crocodiles co-exist in south Florida, alligators and crocodiles would not be able to produce offspring and breed because they are two different species and their DNA structure is different.
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1. Examine the snout. One of the most notable differences between alligators and crocodiles comes in the shape of the jaws. Crocodiles have a pointed snout that is reminiscent of
Alligators and crocodiles are two
The crocodile is bigger than the alligator. The crocodile can grow up to 4,400lbs while the alligator can grow to about 3/4 this weight. Maximum length on a croc is about 28ft while
1 Look at the snout of the animal. An alligator will have a wide, U-shaped snout which helps it eat prey like turtles that constitute part of its diet. A crocodile will have a long,
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Being of two different species with different DNA, Crocodiles and Alligators do not co-habit or breed and cannot produce hybrid young. Rumors to the contrary, ...
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