Can a Crocodile Stick Out Its Tongue?


Crocodiles are not able to stick out their tongues. This is because the tongue is attached to the roof top of its mouth. Sometimes they feed on things of no food value like crushed cans and pieces of pine wood which are often taken in as gizzard stones.
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= Whatever is said that crocs can't stick out their tongue is a lie. like a duck quack don't echo. it dose i ave pet ducks = NO,they can't as their tongue is attached to the upper't_a_crocodile_st...
Crocodiles have tongues that are attached to the bottom of their mouths.
Hanging tongue syndrome is a condition that can be caused for many reasons, such as an injury or trauma to the jaw or muzzle, a neurological problem, or an anatomical malformation
It's not too short or attached to the roof of it's mouth... Crocodiles and alligators have tongues that are attached to the bottom of their mouth. that's just the way it is... maybe
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The mouth structure of a crocodile cannot allow it to stick its tongue out since it is attached to the top of the mouth. Crocodiles are large animals with typically long, lizard-shaped bodies, and two pairs of short legs.
A crocodile cannot be able to stick out its tongue because it is attached to the bottom of the mouth. This makes it hard for the tongue to come out or pulled forward. A crocodile is a thick-skinned long-bodied aquatic reptile.
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Crocodiles have tongues. However, these tongues are not free, but held in place by a membrane which limits movement. This is why a crocodile cannot stick out its ...
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