Can a Crosman Air Gun Kill a Rabbit?


The Crosman air rifles can knock over a rabbit and some might even kill one. I think Crosman 2200 magnum rifle is the best you can get on the market. It does not cost much, has great accuracy and power, and is light to carry. It does not match full power (730fps) .22s but it sure is enough to knock rabbits over at 600 plus fps.
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1. Check to ensure that your lubricant reservoir is at the required level for optimal operation. This can cause mechanical malfunctions if not properly maintained. As all Crosman
Here is the contact information for CROSMAN. See the link below.
They are basically the same piston, only the phantom is easier to cock, load, hold, and shoot. Also, DO NOT believe what these people are saying about these guns. Granted you won't
The Crosmna 1400 air gun should be pumped 6-10 times per shot for
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If you want an airgun for rabbits, take a look at the Crosman 2100, Daisy 22SG, Crosman 2260, Crosman Phantom, and Crosman Quest. The Crosman 2100 and Daisy 22SG ...
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A wide variety of airguns are manufactured by Crosman, such as BB guns, .22 rifles, youth rifles and backyard air guns. Crosman offers shooting services and works ...
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