Can a Deacon Marry People?


Yes, in most religions like Catholic, Orthodox, and Anglicanism, deacons can marry people. Deacons typically serve as the priest's assistant particularly in the distribution of bread during Holy Communion. Deacon is also commonly known as messenger, minister, or servant.
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Any Deacon in the Catholic Church can be married when he becomes a Deacon. But if he is not married when he becomes a Deacon he cannot get married. Also if a married Deacon's wife
It is Biblical to allow the marriage of Catholic Deacons. St Paul calls those who can
Marriage is a sacrament in the Church and must be performed by a validly ordained minister, like a priest or deacon. God bless.
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1. Contact your priest or deacon before you rush off to marry. Contact a priest or deacon in your home parish. The Catholic Church requires couples planning on ...
To be able to marry people you must be ordained. That means you have to take a simple test, pay a fee and be ready and able to marry anyone. ...
To legally marry people, you must be ordained in the state that you marry people. There are exceptions, such as boat captains, they can marry people on their boat ...
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