Can a Dentist Write Prescriptions?


Dentists can write prescriptions, but it can only be for medications that are dental related. They can not write prescriptions for things such as cold medicines or ulcer pain. They also are not allowed to write prescriptions for family members or for themselves.
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Doctors can write prescriptions. They have the education and the DEA approval for this. Nurse practitioners and some physicans assistants can write certain prescriptions.
In UK Podiatrists can only prescribe if they have done additional training and hold a POM certificate (Prescription Only Medicines Certificate)
Each state has laws and regulations that determine who can write a prescription for a medical device in that state. FDA defers to the states on determining who can write a valid prescription
A psychiatrist must have an M.D. or D.O. degree from an
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Podiatrists can write prescriptions. The podiatrists may write pain killer prescriptions in some cases. They may also write other prescriptions depending on the ...
A physical therapist can write prescriptions. However, it does not include prescription for medicine. They can prescribe the exercises needed by a patient to ...
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