Can a Diamond Be Scratched?


A true diamond cannot be scratched. In order to test its value, you should scratch it on sand paper and see its effect. A real diamond is able to scratch a sandpaper and even glass.
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In my experience, yes, a diamond can be scratched. To scratch a diamond, you would have to use another diamond or something like a laser. Since diamonds can be cut, they can be scratched.
The only way a diamond can be scratched is unless it is scratched by another diamond. So if you notice any other issues with your diamond, I would suggest you take it to a jewelry repair shop.
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1. Spread white toothpaste onto the scratch, rubbing it in with your finger. 2. Allow the paste to dry on the diamond before polishing it with a soft cloth. This should help make
the only thing that can scratch a diamond is another has the same hardness.
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An authentic diamond can only be scratched with another authentic diamond. Other than that, there is no way to scratch a diamond, no matter what you do to it. ...
Another diamond can scratch another diamond. That is why, when storing your diamond jewelry, be sure to keep it in a jewelry box with compartments. Or, individually ...
Real diamonds do scratch glass though it is possible to damage your rock even if it is real during such a hardness test. This was a test that was applied in the ...
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