Can a Divorce Still Go through When the Other Person Won't Sign the Papers?


A divorce can still go through when the other person won't sign the papers. It is called a contested divorce. It may take a bit longer but it will happen.
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There are ways but the process varies depending on what state and county you live in. Go to your local city municipal building or where ever it is that the court for marriage license
His wife does not have to sign the papers in order for your son to get the divorce. I'm not sure where he is in the process, in that you stated that he has had papers drawn up and
Unless they deny signing it, when under oath, in court, you're good to go. There are lots of other possible ways to prove they signed it, such as various witnesses, evidence of their
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A person can get an uncontested divorce if the other person does not sign the papers, but you may need to fight for it. You may need to hire an attorney to help ...
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