Can a Dog Get a Stye?


Yes, a dog can get a sty or a cyst in the eye area including on the eyelids. Dogs are vulnerable to many of the same health issues that affect people. Dogs can also get relief from many human medications.
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s GardenSummer 07/30/10 07:00pm The only suggestion I have thats not go to to the vet, is to use contact solution. Go the store and buy soft contact cleaning solution. You put it
It will most likely be done under a local - just like if you had a wart or skin tag removed. Why didn't or don't you ASK your vet?
Definately I feel bad for this dog. Poor thing. We use only holistic things to treat our animals and if you have ever heard of Silver.the liquid kind, that works really well. Silver
Not sure where you live but in boise idaho at h3 pet foods there are antibiotic drops available.
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A dog Eye Stye is caused by a staphylococcus bacterial infection which might appear either from the inside or outside of the dog's eyelid. It can drain on its ...
Another name for a Meiobmian cyst is a stye or chalazion. When dogs get one, the treatment is typically to apply ointment for a week and place a cone on the dogs ...
A bubble on your dog's eyelid may just be a stye. It could also be a cyst. But only a visit the veterinarian's office can determine this. ...
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