Can a Dog Have an Abortion?


Dogs can have abortions though these will have to be induced as a dog cannot end a pregnancy voluntarily. Ovariohysterectomies, as pet abortions are called, do not pose significantly elevated risks to the animal if performed by a veterinarian.
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Not a lot. It cost my wife 50 quid. Veterinarians do not do abortions. They will just spay the dog if she is not too far along. You need to take your dog into see your Vet to see
It is impossible for a human to be impregnated by a dog or vice versa, our
I didn't know at the time, but when someone paid to have my dog fixed. The vet aborted her puppies. The person who paid for it did not tell me until after, anyway if you take your
It depends really....if you were the one that got the dog pregnant. JK. I just thought that was
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Dogs can have abortions if they have problems with their reproductive system. Hoover it is not easily detectable by even the most attentive of owners. Most dogs ...
Dog abortion involves the termination of the unborn puppy in the dog's uterus by the veterinary doctor. The act is not recommended though especially for young ...
The answer to how do you give a dog an abortion is that you take your dog to the vet and ask for one. Dog abortions are similar to human abortions and are extremely ...
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