Can a dog still bleed after being spayed?


Occasionally after a dog has been spayed, she will continue to exhibit behavioral and physical signs of being in heat, including bleeding, according to PetMD. These signs are the result of parts of the ovary tissue being left behind, which still remains functional and continues to secrete hormones.

Along with bleeding, other symptoms the dog may display include attraction of male dogs, interaction with male dogs and swelling of the vulva. Specific tests performed by a vet may show elevated estrogen and progesterone levels, and a cytological exam may be performed to determine the presence of ovarian tissue. Removal of any remaining tissues can be done to completely alleviate any additional symptoms.

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If your spayed dog is bleeding, there is a. serious. problem. Spayed dogs don't bleed (in heat terms) period. You really need to see the vet if there is blood or anything else coming
It could be a UTI (urinary tract infection) They're common, and need antibiotics from the vet asap. They can turn into kidney infection if left untreated so you are not wasting your
If you bring
The best advice I can give you it to let your vet do it.
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