Can a Father Relinquish His Parental Rights?


A father can put in a request to a family court to relinquish his parental rights. The order has to be approved and granted by the court. Fathers who do not pay support and can't manage to stay in their child's life due to legal or financial trouble may request to relinquish parental rights.
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If you truly mean rights (such as visitation), you can just walk away. However, In Indiana, a father cannot "relinquish" parental obligations such as support unilaterally.
1. Petition the courthouse to find out what the steps are to terminating your parental rights. Some states have the father take counseling beforehand, and others require a compelling
You have received mixed advice here and to be honest, since this is such a sensitive issue, you and the baby's father need to go to a lawyer (you carried the baby for nine months
You will need to file a Petition for Termination. Terminations and adoptions are fairly complex matters, often requiring other steps (ad litems, home studies, criminal background
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To relinquish your parental rights you would need to discuss your situation with a lawyer. Fill out forms and possibly appear in front of a judge to receive a ...
1. Retain a family law attorney. A family law attorney is one who is experienced in domestic matters, including child custody and adoption. Termination of parental ...
1. File a petition or motion in support of termination of parental rights. Section 7B-1103 sets forth who may properly file a petition for termination parental ...
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