Can a Female Dog Get Breed by More Than One Dog at One Time?


Yes. A female dog can become pregnant by more than 1 male dog at a time when she is in heat. The puppies will have characteristics from all the male dogs that impregnated the female.
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A female dog is ready to be bred when she is fully grown. Some larger breeds are not fully grown unitl 2 years old. As for the heat cycle, the best time for breeding is 10-12 days
ANY dog can be trained to be "more aggressive than a pitbull". Chihuahuas attack by running UNDER their opponent & viciously biting their soft underbelly! How aggressive
Most breeds of dogs should not be bred until they are at least 2 years of age, as breeding them before this age can lead to deformities in the offspring and can endanger the health
To expand on Aleta's answer, while dogs have been selectively bred for millennia to perform different tasks and for centuries to look different ways, cats have barely been selectively
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A good time to breed a female dog is usually around ten to fourteen days after the first sign of vaginal bleeding, although this varies with different types of ...
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The best time to breed a dog, a female one in this case, is after three seasons or the age of two years.However, if the bitch is older than eight years, the Kennel ...
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