Can a Hawk Eat My Small Dog?


A hawk can eat your small dog, small chicken and rabbits if left unattended. However, hawks are intimidated by animals bigger like large dogs. The upside is that rodents and snakes are also fed on by hawks.
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you just have to stay near it. you should keep it inside and when it needs to go to the bathroom, you should put it on a leash and stay near it.
In some countries people will eat dogs or animals that are considered
that is a toughie. try calling your local wildlife commission. they should have tips on what attracts and what doesnt with hawks. she small prey for them so honestly it doesnt suprise
Hi Stephanie, Sorry to be evasive, but it all depends on the breed, the amount of exercise and the kind of food you feed. If you feed a premium, high quality food, then I would guess
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Yes a hawk can eat your small dog depending on how big the hawk is and how small the dog is. Hawks generally eat things that are between one and four pounds. They will try to eat anything that they think they can lift. You can find more information here:
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