Can a Judge Overturn a Jury's Verdict?


A judge can overturn a jury's verdict, however a judge is not able to overturn every verdict. A judge may overturn a verdict of guilty. However if they are found not guilty, the verdict will stand. Often the judge will call for a new trial instead of simply overturning the verdict.
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1. Ask the judge to set aside, overturn or alter the jury's verdict. In some civil cases, judges may reduce the amount of the plaintiff's award if he finds it particularly excessive
Yes, either by motion of a party or directly from the bench. "Your honor, I request that you set aside the verdict and find for the plaintiff. "Judgment notwithstanding
In Florida, it is almost cut and dry. There the prosecutor charges a defendant with a number of crimes, or at least he can. On each issue, the jury reaches a verdict of guilty or's_verd...
Based on what I've heard and read (I haven't actually dug into the verdict itself), the jury actually contradicted themselves on several of their findings, awarding damages for devices
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The answer is it depends. In certain cases at certain levels of the court, yes - a judge can overturn a jury's verdict. This is especially true in situations where the judge believes the jury was improperly influenced.
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