Can a Legally Blind Person Drive?


In most areas, a legally blind person is not allowed to drive. This is because they have a vision impairment that might hinder their efficiency in driving. However, in some other states like Virginia, they are allowed to drive using a bioptic telescope.
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There is a range in blindness from visulally impaired through legally blind to totally blind. Legally blind in most jurisdictions is a range of vision where the person can only see
Legally blind does not mean you are actually blind. No dog, no cane, no dark glasess. It just means your level of vision loss is deemed to be past a certain point. I am legally blind
When your visual acuity with eyeglasses or corrective lenses is 20/200 or
The State of Nevada just legalized autopiloted vehicles a week or two ago. Embed Quote
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What is considered legally blind varies as improvements are made to corrective lenses. That is, legally blind is the point where a person's vision can no longer ...
A person who has an eyeglass prescription of 20/200 is considered legally blind in the United States. Only the first letter of a chart can be read by a person ...
An eyeglass prescription of 20/200 is considered as legally blind. They typically read only the first letter in the Snellen's chart. In contrast to that, a person ...
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