Can a Little Drop of Sperm Get You Pregnant?


A little drop of sperm can get you pregnant; this is assuming you have already begun to receive your menstrual periods. Sex comes with responsibilities and thus if you do not want unplanned pregnancies, ensure that your partner always wears protection when you want to indulge in sexual intercourse.
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depends on where it lands - but sure. No it will not drop in but prejaculatory fluids (small amount of fluid before the actual ejaculation) can go inside the vagina and uterus during
I all depends on your cycle, if it's
One teaspoon of semen contains at 100-600 MILLION sperm. So one teaspoon could make at least 100 million babies if they were all allowed to fertilize eggs. You do the math.
don't worry its not abnormal/unusual or will not make you impure. It may happen to any one.
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