Can a Loose Tooth Be Fixed?


A loose tooth can be fixed by first treating the disease that is causing it to be loose and then later taking an antibiotic. Dentists have other options apart from the dentures to loose and falling teeth that are done through surgery.
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1. Treat the gum disease that is causing the loose teeth. A procedure called scaling and root planing is the most common treatment for periodontal disease. It is done to remove the
See a dentist.
Without actually examining the tooth, I wouldn't like to hazard a guess - it might have to come out and be replaced with a bridge, there might be a way of fixing it, or it might require
1. Let it come out on its own. It's not recommended that anyone try to expedite the tooth-losing process. Teeth always come out on their own, and pulling them out prematurely risks
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How long it takes for a loose tooth to fall out is dependent on several factors. The more the tooth is manipulated or played with, the higher chance it will fall ...
Yes, you can save a loose permanent tooth. This is through a process called reabsorption. You can do this by going to a dentist. It can also be done by means of ...
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