Can a Lottery Winner Remain Anonymous?


A lottery winner can remain anonymous to the press if he or she so chooses. However, the lottery commission needs to know who the winner is in order to make payments.
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a year in NJ.…. Most states won't let you be anonymous at all.….
Actually, your best bet is to sign the back of the ticket and put it in a safe place. Then go find yourself a good lawyer and have the attorney set up a trust with a bank. The trust
Step 1) Figure this out after you win. 2) I am sure you will find an easy solution. Final Step: stop worrying. you've just won the lottery.
His name isn’t really Joe Doe, but that’s the handle the Brazoria resident who won $76 million on a Lotto pick last December is going by in Travis County District Court,
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Most states have rules that require the lottery to disclose the name and city of its winners. You can go online to find the lottery rules for your state.
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