Can a Lottery Winner Remain Anonymous?


A lottery winner can remain anonymous to the press if he or she so chooses. However, the lottery commission needs to know who the winner is in order to make payments.
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Delaware, Kansas, Maryland, North Dakota, and Ohio have laws in place that allows any lottery winner to remain anonymous. Additional states may allow a trust to be set up and the
Not many at all, I may be overlooking a state but as far as I know and I have looked into it before these are the states where you can remain anonymous in some way or another. What
His name isn’t really Joe Doe, but that’s the handle the Brazoria resident who won $76 million on a Lotto pick last December is going by in Travis County District Court,
A winner should consult an attorney who has experience with asset protection and estate planning. The answer may depend on the amount of winnings, how may people will participate
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Most states have rules that require the lottery to disclose the name and city of its winners. You can go online to find the lottery rules for your state.
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