Can a Massage Make You Sick?


It's very possible that a massage can make you sick. The masseur or masseuse may be too aggressive for you or you may be sensitive to the effects. A deep massage can affect you internally and may even release toxins throughout the body.
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1. Use oil or lotion when massaging somebody who is sick. This serves two purposes. It will, of course, feel very nice on the person who is sick. Doing this will also rehydrate the
I've never gotten sick after a massage. Sometimes, my nose gets stuffed and I believe it's because. of the head down position , but it goes away quickly when i am upright. Answer
It could be laying down for an extended period of time, To prevent
massage releases the toxins stored in muscles around your body the bottom 2 i have no idea why they happened other then the scents they used you might be allergic to or they were
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