Can a MRI Show a Pinched Nerve?


Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a variety of scan typically used to diagnose health conditions that affect tissue, organs and bone. This scan can be used to show a pinched nerve. The MRI of a pinched nerve can be seen via a computer monitor or printed on paper.
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The MRI image will be printed in shades of black, white and gray. The MRI of a pinched nerve can be viewed on a computer monitor, copied to a disk or printed onto paper. An MRI uses
The "Vulcan Nerve Pinch" is a maneuver used by the Vulcans in the "Star
MRI will show nerves tissue wonderfully. While hearing test can detect nerve damage accurately, MRI will help shed some light over further management and intervention for the problem
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An MRI scan does not directly show nerve damage. It can help doctors determine the cause of nerve damage and how best to correct it. A contrast dye may be injected ...
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